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echoes of the wind is a story i wrote about a 16 year old named john howin who kills a cop named hoss then escapes into a indian reservation where the great spirits punish him by turning him into a wolf and making it so john will turn back and forth between human and wolf at random times as a wolf john meets a wolf pack lead by a black wolf named han the pack consists of a brown wolf named hoiya a old grey wolf named hyu and han's mate jess john experiences a new life with these wolves and bit by bit becomes a better person while he has to stay with the indians in a nearby village while hes human and with the pack while hes a wolf

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echoes of the wind is inspired by indian cultures and somewhat off the craigslist killer echoes of the wind started out and is currently a roleplay on the facebook account of michael komamura who uses facebook notes as roleplays ( hopefully echoes of the wind will be a book someday)

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